Dogs 'n' Dogs Bark Park is a large indoor dog park in its conceptual stages in Calgary, Alberta.

Dogs 'n' Dogs Bark Park

A great indoor fun place for dogs and their owners!

A brand-new concept in Canada looking for investors!

The idea behind our indoor bark park is to offer dog owners a place to bring their pets for a fun and social outing in a safe, clean indoor setting.

Who We Are

We have taken our passion for dogs and combined it with years of experience to come up with a great new idea!

Dogs love going for walks or running free at an off-leash park. We have heard that owners are bored with the neighborhood walks and are often not enamored with the dog parks. Building a secure, indoor, well-lit and well-equipped safe dog playground was welcomed with a resounding yes when we queried dog owners.

AND, we pick up the poop!

Indoor Playground

The concept behind Dogs ‘n’ Dogs Bark Park is of a membership driven indoor playground that allows members to drop in at their convenience. The park will offer secure 24-hour access to most areas. The park's design will maximize the enjoyment of the dogs through play and sense stimulation.

Dogs 'n' Dogs Bark Park is all about community. We will be offering a place to enjoy the company of others while sipping a coffee or eating a hot dog and watching your dog play. It’s about creating an inviting place where members feel at home. Our focus will be on the aspect of play for dogs and relaxation for their human owners.

What's In Our Name?

The second Dog in Dogs ‘n’ Dogs is a hotdog vendor who will sell hot dogs and other treats on the premises. Having a food vendor on the premises is an enjoyable convenience and we envision it to be an integral part of our services.